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Alcoa Launches New Aluminum For Automotive Applications

Development Of NHT Alloys With Good Hot Cracking Resistance For

1 Development of NHT Alloys with Good Hot Cracking Resistance for Automotive Applications via ICME Approach Xinyan Yan Alcoa Technical Center, 839 White Cloud Road, New Kensington, Pa 15068, USA Francis Caron Alcoa Aluminum, 1 Des Sources,

New Lightweight, High-performance Alcoa Aluminum Alloys

New lightweight, high-performance Alcoa aluminum alloys for automotive applications A new range of aluminum alloys will help OEMs to continue to reduce weight while in some cases improving of components in comparison with those made from iron or other

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Lightweighting with the Alcoa family of special foundry alloys We are developing new alloys with improved properties to help reduce the environmental footprint in one of the largest aluminum end-user markets automotive. These alloys simplify existing production

Alcoa Launches New Specialty High-performance,

Compared to the incumbent material, new foundry alloys perform exceptionally well across applications currently cast in heavier metals, such as engine components and other critical

Alcoa Launches Seventeen-Inch Classic Dually Wheels

Alcoa Automotive Wheels, a Cleveland, Ohio based business unit of Alcoa, Inc., today announced the extension of their Classic aftermarket catalog to i Alcoa Launches

Aluminium Alloys In The Automotive A Handy

Alcoa Specialty

applications, scan the QR Code or send your question to SpecialAlloysalcoa. EZCast-NHT alloys complement 370 EZCastTM alloy family, designed for HPDC production of crash-resistant, yet thin-walled structural components for

Ford, Alcoa Collaborate On More Formable And Design

Ford, Alcoa Collaborate on More Formable and Design-Friendly Next-Generation Aluminum Alloys statements regarding growth opportunities for aluminum in automotive applications or the expected benefits of advanced aluminum alloys or manufacturing and

Alcoa Unveils Next-Generation Aluminum Materials

NEW YORK PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lightweight metals leader Alcoa today unveiled breakthrough manufacturing technology, the Alcoa MicromillTM, that will manufacture the most advanced aluminum sheet on the market. Micromill TM to Unlock the Future of Automotive Aluminum Products

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New Alcoa alloys make aluminum a strong, mable substitute for heavier metals in automotive design. This breakthrough leads to growth in fabricating lightweight aluminum bodies, drivetrain and engine castings, and other parts for automobiles at New

Alcoa Launches Seventeen-Inch Classic Dually Wheels

Alcoa Automotive Wheels, a Cleveland, Ohio based business unit of Alcoa, Inc., today announced the extension of their Classic aftermarket catalog to i Alcoa Launches

Alcoa Completes Automotive Expansion In Tennessee To

NEW YORK ALCOA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lightweight metals leader Alcoa AA) today announced it has completed an expansion at its Tennessee facility dedicated to supplying aluminum sheet to the automotive

Distinguished Technology Experts Join Automotive

DETROIT (PR) April 18, 2020 Automotive Aluminum Advisors today announced the addition of three globally recognized aluminum industry technology experts to its team, assembling one of the most experienced advanced aluminum technology and engineering consulting teams in the

Alcoa Launches Seventeen-Inch Classic Dually Wheels

Designed, manufactured and tested for heavy load applications, the new seventeen-inch Classic dually wheels carry a class-leading 3200 lb. load rating. The one-piece forged aluminum design carries an unprecedented lifetime limited

Ford, Alcoa Collaborate On More Formable And Design

breakthrough Micromill technology to debut on the 2020 Ford Ford to be the first automaker to use the advanced automotive aluminum commercially Micromill material is 40 percent more formable than automotive aluminum creating more design-friendly aluminum

Alcoa Completes Automotive Expansion In Tennessee To

Alcoa Completes Automotive Expansion in Tennessee to Meet Strong Demand for Aluminum Vehicles new technologies, processes, or products, including, without limitation, next generation aluminum alloys or the Alcoa Micromill, at the levels or by

Ford, Alcoa Collaborate On More Formable And Design

DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 14, 2020 Ford Motor Company and Alcoa Inc. are collaborating to produce next-generation automotive aluminum alloys that are more formable and design-friendly. Ford will use Micromill material in multiple components on the 2020 F-150 becoming the first automaker to use the advanced automotive aluminum

Evaluation Of A New High Temperature Cast Aluminum For Cylinder Head

Evaluation of a New High Temperature Cast Aluminum for Cylinder Head Applications alloy is a secondary aluminum alloy representing a lower cost alternative to the A356. The copper-bearing 319 alloy has the advantage of better tensile and creep strength

Breakthrough Automotive Bonding Technology

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing leader Alcoa today announced thatD Magazine has named Alcoa 951 an enabler for adhesive bonding of aluminum-intensive vehicles (AIVs) an

San Antonio In The Running For Alcoa Investment -

San Antonio in the running for Alcoa investment Firm makes aluminum sheet product David Hendricks June 11, 2020 making a new, advanced aluminum sheet product for the automotive

Alcoa Launches New Specialty High-performance,

four new specialty alloys are each highly customisable with unique SupraCast Superior strength at elevated temperatures for high performance power train applications, SupraCast offers thermal conductivity combined with high structural integrity ideal for cylinder heads, connecting rods, turbo chargers, brake calipers, and engine

Aluminum Trends Favor Alcoa, Conslium -

AA) 951 finishing technology laid the foundation for the automotive aluminum revolution, and now the Micromill will open new fronts where aluminum will replace high strength

Alcoa\'s Competitors, Revenue, Number Of Employees,

Alcoa engages in engineering and manufacturing of aluminum components for automotive and commercial transportation industries. Alcoa was founded in 1888. Alcoa\'s headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, New York, USA 10022. Alcoa\'s President

Global Automotive Aluminum Market 2020 Novelis

The Automotive Aluminum market report contains extensive genuine information for Automotive Aluminum, which connects with the client to plan the future interest and perform the right implementation. The progression rate is assessed to examine that gives the authentic data on the global Automotive Aluminum market. The necessities and improvement focuses are assembled

Alcoa Unveils Major Advance In Aluminum Manufacturing

Micromill has a much smaller footprint than conventional direct casting technology, and produces automotive aluminum alloys with greater formability and greater strength. Click to enlarge. Alcoa has developed new manufacturing

Alcoa Unveils Next-Generation Aluminum Materials

The Alcoa-patented Micromill process dramatically changes microstructure of metal, allowing production of an aluminum alloy for automotive applications that has 40 percent greater formability and 30 percent greater strength than

Automotive Aluminum Advisors Announces New

Automotive Aluminum Advisors introduced its first Aluminum Body Sheet Course designed to help automakers and their suppliers gain an edge and win with aluminum. The inaugural course will be held on February 11-12, 2020 at the Inn at St. in Plymouth

Alcoa Samara Plant Launches New Coating Line

Alcoa Samara Plant Launches New Coating Line for Aluminum Sheet June 24, 2009 AM Eastern Daylight Time Andrey Donets, President Alcoa Russia said, launching a new

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Meet sustainability goals. Lighter weight Alcoa aluminum wheels allow for increased payloads or improved fuel efficiency. Reduced trips or using less fuel means reduced CO 2.Plus, recyclable. In fact, of all aluminum produced since 1888 is still in

Tesla Submits Patent Application For New Aluminum

As Electrek reports, the Tesla materials team led by alloy expert Charles Kuehmann has developed new aluminum alloys for die casting. A patent application of the car manufacturer also speaks in favour of this. An extract from the patent reads as may be