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Comparison with metal foam Open-cell metal foam and porous aluminium are both permeable to gaseous and liquid media, but differ in manufacturing technology and properties. Aluminium is poured together with crystal salt, then the salt is washed out and the

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High-quality metallic materials. Competent. Innovative. Individual. Manufacturer and supplier Exxentis AG. Previous Next to Exxentis Ltd. an European supplier of special metals for industrial use and a manufacturer of porous aluminium products. We are

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Comparison with sintered metal Porous aluminium and sintered metal are both open-cell and therefore permeable, but the production technologies and thus also the structure of the materials differ. In the production of porous aluminium, liquid aluminium is poured together with crystal salt. After cooling and mechanical processing, the salt is washed out. The pores replace Comparison

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Porous aluminium Previous Next OUR TECHNOLOGY Casting with salt Liquid aluminium is poured together with crystal salt into a conventional casting mould. To produce products with different pore sizes, we use salt with different grain sizes. Post-processing Mechanical post-processing results in products of every shape and complexity, according to your requirements and wishes.

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Properties of porous aluminium Material properties of porous aluminium form the unique products are permeable over their entire volume can be produced up to large formats and in any shapehigh strength thanks to cast structurehigh and controllable

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Aluminium foam overview types production applications Aluminium foam (the porous metal based on aluminium and its alloys) has been known for more than half a century, but still has a relatively small distribution and application. The main reason for this

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Porous aluminium I Metals - zirconium, hafnium, tantalum, niobium, calcium I Superconductors I Oxides Comparison with metal foam Comparison with other porous materials Aluminium foam production applications Properties Applications Menu Toggle

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Exxentis Ltd Founded in 2011. Trading company based in Switzerland. Manufacturer and supplier of porous aluminium. Exxentis AG has been a representative of a major manufacturer of zirconium, hafnium, calcium, niobium and tantalum since

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Vacuum forming, thermoforming Vacuum forming and thermoforming is a process for forming thermoplastics. Special aluminium moulds with vacuum holes or steam nozzles are frequently used in these processes. Porous metals are increasingly used for these purposes. Porous aluminium is excellent for the production of foaming and thermoforming compley permeable,

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Porous aluminium - high porosity metal, permeable over the entire surface, open cell metal. An option for sintered metal and metal foam. Porous aluminum is manufactured through casting. Being a high porosity metal, it is permeable over the entire surface. It has

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Porous aluminium - permeable metal with open cells structure. Broad range of precisely defined pore sizes. For many industrial thermoforming, pneumatic silencers, heat exchangers, filter elements and many others. An option to sintered metal and

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Metal foam and porous aluminum are both permeable for gaseous and liquid media but have different manufacturing technologies and therefore different properties. Aluminum is casted together with crystal salt into the desired shape before the salt is washed

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an option to sintered metals and metal foams For manufacturing of porous aluminium products there is no need to use expensive pressure moulds as for sintering technology. In our case casting is done in conventional steel or cast-iron mould, which are available on

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Exxentis offers aluminum foam with different pore sizes. Exxentis) Porous aluminum is produced by casting with salt. This technology provides a unique structure of porous metal. The structure of porous aluminum and the structure of known sintered The

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Open-Pored Aluminum Foam For Vacuum Plates And Heat

Exxentis offers aluminum foam with different pore sizes. Exxentis) Porous aluminum is produced by casting with salt. This technology provides a unique structure of porous metal. The structure of porous aluminum and the structure of known sintered The

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Porous aluminium - complete permeable open-cell metal, products in any shape and form according to your request up to large sizes. Variable and regulated pore sizes according to your needs from 0.1 mm to 3.0 low weight, high durability. EXXENTIS Ltd was

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Plates, sheets and blocks made of porous aluminium. An option to sinterplates and sinter blocks. An option to sintered sheets and metalfoam-plates. max length, mm max width, mm max thickness, mm filter grade 5 - 10 filter grade 25 - 35 filter grade

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Porous aluminum. Metal foam Aluminum foam as lightweight material for lightweight constructions. Open-celled, light and strong. Metal foam panels, metal sandwich components. Semi-finished aluminum foam sandwiches are ideal for lightweight construction. Due

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Aluminum Metal Aluminum foams in ships Aluminum Metal In ships the need for lightweight materials is also important. But, in comparison with cars, a high flexibility of materials processing is needed, because ships are not built in large series

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We present the characterization of heat transfer in commercial metal foam filled tubular reactors in comparison to a designed laser sintered device. The investigations are performed at empty tube Reynolds numbers ranging from 600 to 7600. Volumetric heat transfer

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Why is aluminum foam so aluminum foam is a true metal skeletal structure. It is not a sintered, coated, or plated product. Its purity is typically that the parent alloy metal, with no voids, inclusions, or entrapments. The matrix cells and ligaments is compley repeatable, regular, and uniform throughout the entirety

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The simplest and best solution is a heat treatment in air at temperatures of 1200-1300 C for 50-100 h. In this heat treatment, an Al 2 O 3 layer with a

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aluminium under the registered trade name A lporas with production volumes reported as up to 1000 kg of foam per day, using a batc hasting process (Miyos hi et al, 2000). This method starts with the addition of 1.5 metal into the molten680

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